7 Tips to Maintain Fitness While Traveling

There are a lot of people out there who believe it is impossible to maintain a level of fitness while traveling. Some feel that they just do not have the time to work out. Others don’t want to waste their vacation hours in a gym. Some get caught up in the spoils of eating out and indulging in a party like atmosphere. Travel can be, however, an active adventure! You are on the move, and perhaps a slight adjustment of attitude is all you require in order to stay fit while traveling. Traveling and fitness, who would have thought? Check out these seven tips to see how you can travel and maintain or even improve your fitness.

Travel to run an adventurous road race

This is my first tip because it is something I love to do. Make the purpose of your next trip a fitness goal. Road racing is a wonderful experience. Realistically, the purpose of a race is to finish, so there is no stress or pressure to be the best. Not only are you providing yourself with the ultimate tour of a city, but the on-course support and the companionship of runners can make the experience enjoyable. There are many races around the world to choose from including running through the streets of San Francisco, by the Mardi Gras floats in New Orleans, and past Buckingham Palace in London. My favorite? I love running the races through Walt Disney World. What a weekend!

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Choose to take walking tours

When you arrive at a destination and are provided with sight seeing options, choose to take a walking tour! Opt not to sit on a bus tour, but go out and get your body moving as you explore a new destination. This is not only a healthier option but is also a better way to become acquainted with an area.

What to wear: Throw on the Sophia Sweatshirt for easy, on-the-go travel. This piece is lightweight and perfect for all types of weather and comfortable enough to wear while walking around the city all day.


Yoga is a physical activity which can be done within the space of a hotel room and which does not require equipment.  This is a great way to stay fit while traveling because you can get your practice done in the privacy of your own room, on a beach or in a park. Basically, where ever you like!

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Choose an active destination

When you are deciding on which destination to travel, choose one with active options. This can be anything from hiking, surfing, skiing or any other athletic endeavor. This focuses your trip around fitness without you even knowing it, simply because it's fun. Choose destinations where day hikes are accessible or consider turning your trip into a camping trip!

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Find your inner gymnast and work on that core

There are a variety of options for working on your core, which like yoga, do not take much room or equipment. If you are going to choose just one thing to do, its always a good idea to centre on your core. Use a fitness app, or the internet for exercises and give them a try! My personal rule of thumb…which ever exercise I choose, I always do a minimum of three sets of each. Make the most out of the moment you have dedicated to yourself.   

What to wear: The Chelsey Bra will keep you supported during a quick workout and easily layers underneath a tee-shirt or tank for the rest of your day!

Go for a run

Packing for a trip can be complicated. It can be hard not to bring everything and the kitchen sink, but the harsh reality is, there is just not that much room. One thing that you likely will pack however, are running shoes. Lucky for you, running shoes are all you need to…well…run! Running is also an amazing way to explore a city. You get to be up close and personal with your surroundings.  On the move you will see much of the destination and but of course you can always stop to admire your present location. When you arrive at your destination, decide on a running route and enjoy! Just make sure you are conscious that the route you choose is safe.

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Walk and take the stairs when you can

It's the little things that count when considering fitness. Small choices exist throughout the day which affect your physical self. So you have selected a restaurant you want to try in your new destination. Great! Instead of taking an Uber or cab there, try walking to the restaurant! If you are wanting to get to a certain lookout, instead of alternative transport, take the stairs! An elevator in a museum? No thanks, stairs again!

What to wear: A simple tank is the ultimate travel staple and the Marissa Tank will keep you cool and dry regardless of how many stairs you take!

The key to staying fit while traveling is to factor fitness into your lifestyle. There are always choices that can be made throughout the day that will impact your fitness level. Take the stairs, walk, go for a run, choose active destinations, dedicate a moment to yourself, or even travel for fitness. Where ever you go, have fun while staying fit.

About the Author

Kim Davies is the creator of the Toronto-based travel blog, Walkaboot Travel. As a lover of active adventure she believes in living life to its fullest. Follow her blog or her Instagram account to see where her travels take her!



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