Beauty From The Inside Out: A Day with HUM + COOLA

Keeping your body strong and healthy is core to our values here at Vie Active HQ. Whether it’s working out, eating right or testing the latest skincare and wellness supplements...we love keeping our bodies healthy from the inside out. Here in sunny Sun Valley, a big part of keeping our bodies looking healthy, starts with our skin. Thanks to partners like Hum Nutrition and Coola Skincare we’ve been able to keep this goal in place.

For those of you new to these brands, Hum Nutrition offers vitamins and supplements to keep your skin, hair, and nails, glowing, flawless and youthful looking. And to protect your skin from free radicals, sun damage and chemicals, Coola offers a great line of skincare products with certified organic extracts, antioxidants and vitamins that boost your skin’s immune system.

Here’s a peek into some of Team Vie’s picks from Coola and Hum.

Mollie, Head of Marketing

I love using the Uber Energy caps with my morning green smoothie to give me that quick boost of energy for a good start to the day without the jitters I get from coffee. I can also take this before my workout, to make sure I take advantage of my limited me-time in the gym and make the most of those HIIT sessions. I love wearing the Brianna Bra and Riley Tights working out, because I can focus on my gym time, not my leggings having sweat patches or my bra sliding out of place.

Noa, Founder & CEO

I love using the Daily Cleanse caps to detox my skin and other organs including liver, kidneys, and lungs. I’ve noticed my skin looks less dull and super glowy...yes please! I have somewhat fair skin, so I like to wear the Mineral Sport Tinted Stick because it protects my skin, and has a little tint to even out my skin tone. This is great to go on a hike or bike ride in because it won't clog my pores and has a natural look. I live in my Whitney Leggings and Catherine Tank to hike or bike in during the summer, because I can go from my workout to the rest of my day and not have to worry about feeling sweaty or wet, thanks to the drirelease material in my top and tights.

Sunny, Designer

From being outside gardening, hiking, and more, my hair has gotten dried out from the sun and is not looking as shiny as I would like. I take the Red Carpet capsules to revive my skin and hair cells; it makes my skin super glowy and supple and leaves my hair shiny and soft. When I am gardening, I love to wear my Mandy top because it has SPF 30 in it. I love the Alice Shorts because the Merino fabric is temperature regulating and keeps me cool in the sun. My legs tend to get pretty damaged by the sun so I use the Coola SPF 30 Sunscreen because it is easy to spray on and smells amazing!

Noelle, Marketing Coordinator

I have a fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast, so it’s much easier to put some superfood powder in there and it tastes amazing! The Raw Beauty Coconut and Pineapple is my favorite because it helps boost my energy, metabolism and gives my skin a radiant glow. I like to drink my smoothie after my early morning volleyball practices, so it helps with recovery as well. I love to wear my Bevin Shorts and Abigail Tank Top, because they are super comfortable, and unbelievably cute. If we play volleyball on the beach, I love to use the Coola SPF 30 Sunscreen to keep me protected.

Mindy, Chief of Production & Partner

I love the Superfood Greens Powder in Mint Chocolate Chip because it gives me my daily dose of antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and tastes like a milkshake! These come in individual little packets, so I keep these at my desk and have them for a yummy pick-me-up later in the day. I often garden during the summer and fall, and while I always wear my sun visor to protect my face, I love the Coola SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen. I like to garden in the Riley Knee Crop so that I keep cool, but stylish in the butterfly print!

What Coola or Hum Products do you use? Click here to enter to win a package of Coola, Hum, and Vie Active products!

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Looks amazing. Thank you so much for the tips. Do you have one you recommend for nail growth??

Garod B August 24, 2017

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