Keeping Home Workouts A Priority

It can be easy to fall into the everyday-is-the-weekend mode when you are home
daily, or completely removed from your regular routine. However, finding some
exercise structure while in quarantine is the key to keeping your body moving.
Regardless of your daily obligations, try to find time each day to MOVE!

Your home workout routine should:
• Fit your lifestyle
• Include an exercise method you enjoy (or at least can complete)
• Leave you feeling energized!

Here are a few reminders to keep you on the move:

Some is Better Than None: Don’t beat yourself up; this temporary new normal can bring up all sorts of changes, emotions and unexpected turns. Aim to move daily, even on days you’re feeling a bit unmotivated. Chances are, once you start, you may continue exercising longer than you expected.

Mix It Up to Nix Boredom: We are so fortunate to have advanced technology that allows us to access live streams, online fitness libraries, subscriptions and channels. Take advantage of this by creating a semi-flexible weekly workout plan, changing up your routine (e.g. Monday online class, Tuesday self-workout, Wednesday fitness live stream, etc.). Set yourself up for success and schedule it!

Make It A Family Affair: Home with kids? Get them involved! You can create a
family circuit with stations with older kids or take a family online class. With
younger kids and toddlers, invite them to join you by incorporating a few exercises
they can do, or sneak in a few exercise moves while they have tummy time or are
playing independently or taking a nap. Remember, exercise can be cumulative; a few mini sessions throughout the day counts! Perhaps you’re home alone? Ask a friend or family member to join you virtually for a self-designed workout, or join a virtual class together. Or perhaps grab your headphones and plan a walking phone call, chatting with a distant loved one while you both get fresh air.

Take It Outside: Fresh air and sunshine can go a long way in helping to energize
you. Walking or running outside may be a good choice, or even choosing to do your workout on your patio, in an open garage or perhaps in a open outdoor space with few people may be a good choice.

Regardless of what you choose, just move, and do it often!
Deanndria Mujahid is a Miami-based Pilates instructor and studio owner of Conscious Movement Pilates in Coral Gables, Florida. In addition to being a fit-preneur, she is the mother of two young children and loves to inspire others to move well and feel good in their own skin. @cmpilates @fitfatfoodiemama

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