5 Mins with Vie Activist Zanna Cox

  • Why is Vie Active your top choice for active wear? Vie Active is my top choice for active wear because the clothes are not like just any ordinary gym clothes. They are pure merino, which is super comfy, soft, and breathable & temperature regulating. I also love the style of the clothes; the fabric and leopard print design makes me feel great when I exercise!
  • What are the benefits of wearing this range when training? The clothes are pure merino, which is breathable, & temperature regulating for when I exercise. I love that I can still look great when I workout as the clothes have odour control and moisture management so when I work up a sweat, it dry's instantly! I also do a lot of early mornings and nights at Boot Camp in Winter so the clothes are also great for keeping my body nice and warm from the temperature control. The other benefit is also having the UV protection, because I am constantly training clients outdoors in the sun, the clothes will never fade or get damaged.
  • How does this enhance your workout? and post workout? The clothes enhance my workout as they are a great fit, plus enable me to perform at my ultimate peak without over heating. The clothes make me cool when I am hot which is great for my athletic training performance. In terms of my post workout I love how I can go train my clients straight after my session and not have to worry about changing clothes as they have already dried. The other positive is having the odour control, so my clothes always smell fresh and make me feel great straight after my workout. 
  • How does wearing the range make you feel? Amazing!!
  • What are your favourite pieces from the range? Katrina Zippered Tank, Libby Hoody and Noa Foundation Jacket


  • Sunrise or Sunset workout? Which do you prefer? Sunrise workout for sure! I am such a morning person so I prefer to get the blood pumping first thing in the morning as that’s when your metabolism is at its peak! Plus I find it just sets you up mentally and physically for a great, productive day!
  • Typical Workout 10 minute interval sprints on the Treadmill, 30 minutes of circuit weight training on isolated muscle groups with a combination of body weighted exercises, followed by 10 minutes of sprints on Spin Bike or Stepper finished with a 5-10 minute core session and stretch.
  • Typical Breakfast Uncle Toby’s Oats with frozen berries, chia seeds, manuka honey and almond milk J I have it cold like muesli (not porridge) and it is amazing !
  • Whats your ultimate healthy meal? Chicken Terryaki Stir Fry with vegetables and light rice noodles. Its so simple and easy to make but so healthy and delicious!!
  • What are your makeup must-haves? Innoxa tinted moisturizer, Australis Bronzer, Nude by Nature mineral powder and my cover girl mascara.
  • What’s always in your gymbag? Ice gel for my muscle pain, deodorant, makeup bag, sports bras, hair brush, ear phones, weight training gloves and my calorie counter polar watch.
  • Best active holiday you’ve ever taken: Queensland last year with my boyfriend, we did a lot of beach walks, went to the gym and relaxed by the pool. However we are going to Bali this year so that one will definitely be the best by far!
  • What totally relaxes you? Hot stone massages and bubble baths. I love finishing my days with a hot bath and a candle. It’s the best way for me to unwind from a busy day and switch off!
  • What’s your biggest vice? Have the occasional piece of chocolate !
  • What was the last thing you recommended to a friend? Cloud tech shoes because she was saying how her feet are always in pain from her current shoes. They are the best shoes I have ever worn, literally feels like I’m walking on clouds!
  • What’s always in your fridge? L-Carnitine, Chlorophyll , eggs, protein and plenty of fruit and vege.
  • What would we be surprised to find in your fridge:Chocolate…… but its dark chocolate hehe
  • Your style icon:Miranda Kerr, she always looks stylish and fashionable
  • Your "healthy living" hero: Michelle Bridges. She is active, fit and an inspiration as she has been so successful in Personal Training in the Fitness & Health Industry.
  • The wardrobe item you can’t live without: My Cloud Tech gym shoes. I wear the cloudsurfers and my training has never been better! They are amazing and so comfortable, I live in them.
  • The book on your bedside table right now:More, by Lorna Jane Clarkson
  • Three things on your bucket list:Go to the Maldives, go to America and buy a Range Rover Evoque
  • Your latest obsession: Supplements for my training from CSA. I love my protein powder, L-Carnitine and my Cyto Greens supplement !
  • Number one reason for living an active life:I want to live as long as possible
  • Message you’d send to the world: Eat healthy, be active and be the best person you can possibly be. Live life to the fullest everyday and live life for now :)


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