As a global fitness fashion brand, born in Bondi, Vie Active is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, style and fit. Vie Active provides the best in high performance, technical and fashionable apparel. We inspire and empower our customers to be active all day, everyday and live a fit and fashionable life.

Our handpicked team of ambassadors embody all we stand for. Our determined 'Vie Activists' are some of the world’s most elite athletes and fitness professionals. As fashion obsessed fitness fanatics they test every piece of our gear and drive our blog community with one clear determined goal: to help us spread the Vie Active mission.  

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Noa Ries, Sydney

A personal trainer, advertising professional and health and fitness obsessed young mum. Oh and also the co-founder of Vie Active! Read more about Noa

Lee Bachar-Adlar, Sydney

Lee is a Sydney-based yoga teacher and mother of two. Radiating peacefulness and zen, she lives and breathes a healthy, balanced and active life. Read more about Lee

Libby Babet, Sydney

Libby is a female health & fitness expert and founder of Bottoms Up Fitness and Agoga providing training on the beach, at the gym and online.  Read more

Lisa Clayton, Singapore

Lisa is the founder and head trainer of Ozfit specialising in men's & women's group outdoor fitness. Read more

Susan Robinson, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

A trained fitness professional and competitive cyclist, Susan is the embodiment of the Vie Active ethos and truly lives and breathes an Active Life. Read more

Katrina Loop, Sydney

A trained physiotherapist, yoga teacher and nutritionist, Katrina's holistic approach to health & wellbeing can be found via her site Honey. Read more about Katrina

Elisha Elliott, Dubai

Elisha is a pilates teacher trainer (and possibly one of the best Pilates teachers you'll ever have!)

Vibeke Murphy, Sydney

A mum of two, Vibeke is a practicing Chiropractor as well as teaching anatomy and physiology to yoga teachers. Read more about Vibeke

Lauren Johan, New York, USA

An Australian expat living in New York, Lauren is certainly a personal trainer who practices what she preaches. Read more about Lauren

Felicia & Diana, Sydney

Base Body Babes-A fun and inspirational duo, sisters Felicia and Diana are Personal Trainers who specialise in training women. Their business Base Body Babes focuses on getting women feeling healthy, happy,  fit, strong and confident in their skin.  Read more about Felicia and Diana

Rockell Williamson-Rudder, Las Vegas USA

International Director of Xtend Barre and owner of Xtend Barre Sydney, Rockell is a certified dancer and a certified STOTT pilates instructor. She combines the two practices of dance and pilates to perfection through her Xtend Barre method. A mother of two, Rockell radiates health and vitality.

Zanna Cox, Sydney

A driven and motivated trainer from Sydney's Northern Beaches, Zanna is passionate about health & fitness. Through group training, personal training, web based nutrition, fitness videos and life coaching, Zanna aims to inspire and educate her clients to have the best life possible. Read more about Zanna

Sol Walkling, Sydney

Sol is a Yoga Therapy & Energy Pilates Instructor and is constantly on the move and moving others. Sol is the director of Body Mind Sol and is certified in Stott Mat and Reformer Pilates, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Flow, Cardiolates, Pelleres and much more.

Tanya Weeks, Sydney

Tanya is a fanatic cyclist and founder of Viscous Cycles in Bondi beach. Armed with a Certificate 3 in Fitness, Les Mills trained in RPM and a Certified Schwinn trainer, Tanya has built Vicious Cycles on the key principles of music, energy and first class coaching.

Erin Stutland , NYC

Erin is a fitness professional and certified AFAA instructor and the face & featured trainer in the #1 fitness app, PUMP ONE. She is also the creator Shrink Sessions. Erin’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower people in a fun, entertaining, tell it like it is way. 

Visit Erin's website to learn more about what she could do for you.

Ali Handley, NYC

Ali is an Aussie living in New York city working as a Pilates Instructor. She loves New York City but misses Sydney every day - especially Bondi and Tamarama. You can take one of Ali's Pilates class at Erika Bloom Pilates on the Upper East side.