Instructor: Kelly Beam

Sweat Session date: Sunday January 4th at 9am

Type Of Session:

A bit about Kelly

Born a midwest farm kid, Kelly’s high energy was quickly recognized and became one of her main resources for her competitive edge and athletic successes.

Achievements through high school track and field landed her a scholarship to a Big Ten Division I University to compete on the track and field team as a middle distance runner.  It was the summer between her freshman and sophomore year of college when Kelly was asked to give pole vaulting a try by her coach as the field event was introduced to the NCAA and Big Ten Conference for women that upcoming year.  This new challenge of pole vault resulted in some exciting stuff:  first female record holder and pole vaulter for the University, and member of a Big Ten Championship team.  Oh, and pole vault is the common denominator for Kelly and her husband Jeff’s meeting. :)

Post-college landed her in full-time marketing where she also started personal training clients on the side. Through helping her clients achieve success, along with her own personal accomplishments through triathlon, she is able to recognize and help others realize their own personal athletic potential and find the right adventures to help them live healthy, happy lives.

Where to find her -


Instagram: @kschult3

Twitter: @kschult3