How To Be A Morning Person

I don’t think many people are naturally “a morning person.” Rather, I think they’ve made choices and priorities to make their mornings more productive. I’ve heard that it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit, but only 3 to break one. If that’s the case, it’s pretty easy to slip back into old habits if you don’t commit to making the effort each and every day.

Getting up for a 6 am alarm or sleeping in until 10 am can be a struggle when you’re nice and cozy in bed and it’s still dark outside. But sleeping in often makes you pressed for time to get out the door and can put you into a fluster nor set the best intention for the rest of your day. So here are some tips and tricks to better conquer those early morning rises.

  1. First, make a schedule and stick to it. This is important so that you train your body to automatically wake up at a certain time. Depending on your age, work etc. you need enough sleep for your body to reset. I go to sleep around 10:30 pm and wake up between 6-6:30 am.

  2. If possible, it’s best to wake up to natural sunlight. Keep your shades open and wake up with the sun, not with the sound of your alarm. I have found it makes it a lot easier for your me to wake up and not feel jolted out of bed.

  3. Workout first thing. This will be motivation to get out of bed and release some endorphins. It’s also a great way to clear your head before starting at the office. When I workout in the morning, it starts my day off right. I like to wear my Miranda Top in Ink Blue and my Rockell Tights in Ocean. This is my fave outfit because it is so fashionable, and the top is so soft!

  4. Drink water. LOTS of it! I start my day with a cup of hot water and the juice of a lemon. This is a kick start to my digestive system and warms my body which makes processing breakfast easier. This also reboots your immune system for the day, not to mention the lit-from-within glow it gives your skin. I use the Sawtooth Water Bottle because it is adorable, and keeps my water a good temperature.

  5. Always have something to look forward to. Maybe this is a cup of coffee, morning yoga, or playing with your kids, this is important for you to motivate yourself to get up. For me, putting on a cute outfit and going on a morning run is my favorite. I love wearing my Farrah Top in Heather Grey and Remy 7/8 Leggings in Ruby.

So remember that even though that extra hour of sleep may seem tempting the rewards payoff when you kick-start your morning routine. What are your fave morning rituals? Tag us @vieactivewear #beflawsome to get featured!

Xx Noelle + Team Vie

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