How To Stay Fit on Vacation

I mean, let’s be real here, staying active on vacation can be hard! As a worldwide traveling team, Team Vie is in the know about vacay workouts. Depending on where you are, your resources, and the weather working out may be different than the normal 6 am workouts at home.

Running can be a great way to get in cardio, strength, and views in. Whether it is on the beach, through a farmer’s market, or just on a tread. I like doing intervals and running for time or mileage. Our Remy Leggings, and Mary Bra are both SPF 30 to protect you from the sun. You can also wear these in the water, and they will try in 10 minutes! I love to take a swim in the ocean after my sunrise beach run.

A body weight HIIT workout can be great because you can do it anywhere! Whether it is in a hotel room, grass field, or a beach, this is an awesome universal workout. My favorite HIIT workout is from Women’s Health. Check it out here. I usually get pretty sweaty in it, so I like to wear the Alice Shorts, Gabrielle Bra, and Erica Tank.

Here are some other tips to stay fit on vacation!

  • Take the stairs! Taking the stairs versus the elevator is a quick way to get a little quad burner in.

  • Eat intuitively. It may sound crazy, but there actually IS a way to eat well on vacation! Choosing fruit over the croissant is a good idea. Maybe skip the dessert??

  • Play on the beach! Running, walking, swimming, anything!

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Xx Noelle + Team Vie

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