After a season of action packed, non-stop, summer celebrations, fall is on the horizon and high time to detox! Teaming up with two of my favorite brands Pressed Juicery and Cheeky we’ve got some great partners to help kick start this detox, as the seasons change, and is a naturally great time to hit the reset button before fall is here.

First tip to detoxing: (and every day for that matter) is to drink more water. Cheeky has an amazing new line of water bottles I LOVE! Their brand new vacuum-sealed, double-wall, insulated stainless steel water bottles are designed with some awesome prints, are affordable and cause-driven, and easy to take anywhere with their clever handle on top. They keep drinks extra cold and are stinkin’ adorable! Did I mention they look fantastic with Vie’s latest collection? Because let’s face it, a cute water bottle motivates me to drink more H20! This is my favorite print because it reminds me of the beautiful mountains I am so lucky to live in and it’s 32 ounces so I don’t have to refill it every 20 minutes. Bonus Tip: adding some fresh lemon juice or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is great extra boost for your digestive system during a detox. I am a fan of Braggs apple cider vinegar because it’s organic, raw and unfiltered, so you get the best benefits for your body. 

We all know that know that in addition to practicing clean eating, sometimes a juice detox is the extra push your body needs to flush out all of those built up toxins and really hit the reset button. However, I get that cleansing may not be for everyone, as everyone has different needs, and just adding more fruits and veggies to your diet via juicing is a great way to fall back into healthy habits. My all-time favorite juice brand, for when I lived back in California, is Pressed Juicery. Good thing they have an online ordering option...and keeping my fingers crossed they’ll come to Sun Valley sometime soon! They have a couple of options for cleanses, so for all you beginners out there, fear not! Cleanse 1 is a great way to try it out and when you have a few cleanses under your belt (I aim for four times a year minimum) you’ll find you don’t crave the fruit based juices (which contain more sugar) and can handle the “All Greens” Cleanse 3. In addition to cleanses, I’m a huge fan of their Wellness Shots as a great way to stay ahead of any immunity issues and not fall victim to cold/flu season as the weather changes. Another Bonus Tip: try their Vanilla Coffee Drink. Think creamy, smooth, yummy coffee treat without a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce. I can’t drink most caffeine drinks because they give me the “shakes” but their coffee drinks don’t do this for me. They’re the perfect pick me up without the side effects I hate.

So tell me babes, are you ready to join me and kick start a healthy change of season? Shoot us a note or pics at with how you’re detoxing this season and we’d love to share them on our Insta! I hope this helps you get on the right track to detox your body! #BeFlawsome


-Mollie & Team Vie


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