Workouts Of The Week

Here at Vie Active HQ, finding time to workout is a crucial, important part of our day (no matter how busy we get!). Whether it’s a run and weights class at The Mill or lunchtime yoga at Gather Studios, we fit it into our schedule. Next to finding the time, keeping things fresh and mixing it up, is essential to keeping up a healthy workout regimen. Here is a peek at what a week looks like here at HQ to give you some ideas on how we keep moving each and every day.


Here in Sun Valley, Idaho, it gets pretty hot in the summer, so morning workouts are key. Our favorite way to kick off the week is a Monday morning run before we hit the office. An early run, in the brisk morning air, is a great way to get outside, move your body, and get your muscles moving. It’s also the perfect way to start the week with a clear head and focus we need when we know it’s going to be a busy (which is just about every day!) There are amazing runs right out our backdoor, so there’s never an excuse not to get out and go, with views and trails for miles.

Workout Look: Alice run shorts + Gabrielle Sports bra + Erica tank


Post run Mondays, Tuesday is a great day to get in a killer ab and arm workout in, especially if you are tight on time. Going to your local gym or YMCA and using the sled, ropes, medicine balls, free weights, and body weight can form a great arm and ab burner to squeeze in at lunch. This is one of our fave express ab/arm combos that doesn’t need weights which means you can even do it at the office in between meetings.

Workout Look: Rockell Legging + Brianna Bra


It’s hump day! After being super sore from yesterday’s arm/ab workout, and cardio Mondays, we like to go to a Yin yoga class, to stretch our muscles, and clear our heads! Zenergy has great Yin Classes which focus on relaxation, stretching, and re-setting the body for the rest of the week.

Workout Look: Riley Leggings + Abigail Tank


A session at The Mill is always a great push to get you through the last part of the week. First we like to run on the amazing Woodway Treadmills, doing intervals, sprints, and the dynamic setting, using just our body weight to power the tread. What makes these different is the slat design which burns 30% more calories than a regular treadmill, which gets you way more a bang for your buck. Once we’ve got a good sweat on it’s time to hit the floor. With free weights, kettlebells, ropes, sleds and more, there is no shortage of strength training combos.

Workout Look: Whitney ⅞ Colorblock Leggings + Brianna Bra + Catherine Tank


It’s Friday… more like FriYAY! Friday mornings are perfect for a hated power yoga class. It’s the perfect combination of sweat, strength and focus we need to close the week out strong. Team Vie loves Beth Stuart’s Flow till ya Glow class, taught at Gather Yoga Studio and IdaYoga Studio. This a Vinyasa Flow style class, that is heated, and hard! You sweat so much, and detox your body, not to mention, it’s a killer workout!

Workout Look: Black Rockell Leggings + Mia Bralette + Debra Top


Finally, the weekend has arrived! We love to start our day with Body Pump at Zenergy. This class combines weight and bootcamp exercises to create an amazing combo workout, and then it’s pooltime with one of our favorite reads!

Workout Look: Riley Legging + Gabrielle sports bra + Debra Top


We like to treat ourselves to a rest day or a mellow walk into town to hit our favorite coffee spot for a fresh baked treat and latte at at Hank & Slyvie’s.

Outfit: Our fave pair of jeans + Libby Hooded Jacket

What are your favorite workouts? Let us know by posting a picture on instagram, and tagging us @vieactivewear to get featured!


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