Taking Your Workout Look from Studio to Street

Activewear is too comfortable, and too stylish, to be restricted only to the gym. While high compression leggings and supportive sports bras are essential for smashing a successful workout, they can also be transformed into staple everyday pieces.

Whether you’re hitting brunch with the girls, running a few errands around town or enjoying a night out, basic activewear essentials can be accessorized and styled into some of the trendiest looks. What could be better than sporting street style with studio comfort?

To get the most out of your workout pieces, check out these styling tips to transform your yoga gear into street wear.

Tie a knot in your tank
Loose and lightweight tanks provide breathable coverage during a high intensity workout, like Crossfit or long distance running. But, what if you want to sport the tank for an everyday look?

workout clothes

You can easily transform your flowy tanks by tying a side or center knot at the bottom of the fabric. This simple accessory adds a stylish and effortless touch to your go-to gym tank. 

Add a jacket

yoga clothes

Your favorite set is way too cute to be confined within the walls of your local studio. That matching high waisted leggings and strappy bra combo can easily be transformed to a street look by adding a jacket. For a down-to-earth, but trendy look, compliment your set with a knee length duster or loose-fitting shrug.  

Throw on an oversized sweater

yoga outfitLook effortlessly chic by throwing on an oversized sweater with your favorite pair of leggings. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll serve up the latest trends in boho chic fashion. Want to add even more style to your outfit? Top it off with a pair of ankle boots and rock your hair in a top knot. 

It’s all in the details
athleisure wearTaking any studio look to street style boils down to the accessories. Transform your yoga outfit by adding long necklaces, a few silver or gold bangles, and a couple accent rings. Rock a sporty look with a pair of sneakers, or go more sophisticated by wearing boots. If you want to go the distance with the least amount of effort, wear your hair in a messy braid or top knot. Have some extra time in the morning? Style your hair with a wavy blow out or beachy curls. If you haven’t heard before, the secrets are always in the details. 



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